1. "When going to Bend every year for Christmas, our Christmas Eve dinner is always the Benetti's Minestrone that we bring over with us. It's part of Christmas for us."  

    --Anonymous, North Bend, Oregon

    Christmas Tradition

  2. "I can't say what makes it so delicious. I don't care for most minestrone soups but Benetti's was amazingly rich and wonderful."

    -- Rita, Coos Bay, OR

    What Makes It So Delicious

  3. "This soup is what LOVE might taste like if love was a flavor...rich, hearty healthy, warm, etc etc."

    --Lorraine, Myrtle Point, OR

    What Love Might Taste Like

  4. "For anyone who has not tasted Joe's Soup you have missed out on a slice of life, it is that good."

    -- Wayne, North Bend, OR

    If you haven’t had Joe’s Soup

  5. "For me, Benetti's Minestrone is the ultimate comfort food! Cold and rainy outside? We stop on the way home and get some Benetti's Minestrone. Heat it up, sit in front of the fire and unwind. No better stormy night dinner!" 


    The Ultimate Comfort Food