"When going to Bend every year for Christmas, our Christmas Eve dinner is always the Benetti's Minestrone that we bring over with us. It's part of Christmas for us."  

--Anonymous, North Bend, Oregon

Christmas Tradition

"It's got a great balance. Just enough spice. Hearty without being heavy."

--Brandon, Sammamish WA

Just Enough Spice

"It’s got such deep, rich flavor that has set the standard by which all other minestrone is judged..( and there aren’t any that come close – in fact I don’t even try anymore)."

--Kimber, Roseberg, OR

Deep, Rich Flavor

"I can't say what makes it so delicious. I don't care for most minestrone soups but Benetti's was amazingly rich and wonderful."

-- Rita, Coos Bay, OR

What Makes It So Delicious

"I never liked Minestrone soup Growning up even as an adult its never been my first choice but one day i got the chance to try Benetti's food and was very sceptical when this pot of soup came out.... I thought ok have to try it at least once. I did I fell in love with this soup its amazing the crazy amount of love that goes into making this soup can be felt with every bite."


A Crazy Amount of Love