"Growing up in Coos Bay, Benetti's Minestrone was a treat I took for granted.  There truly is no other minestrone soup, near or far, that is as delicious as Benetti's Minestrone Soup.  During my college days and now 20 years later, I still buy soup by the gallon to take home with me no mater where I live.  It always takes me back home to comfort and incredible memories within Benetti's Italian Restaurant and Oregon's Bay Area!"

-- Anonymous, Portland, OR

Minestrone Soup, A Piece of Home

"It's got a great balance. Just enough spice. Hearty without being heavy."

--Brandon, Sammamish WA

Just Enough Spice

"We just finished a wonderful bowl of your delicious soup. We felt like we were sitting in our favorite place once again. Keep up the great work you do to keep these fond memories alive."                                            - Your fans always, Mona, Coos Bay, Oregon

Keeping fond memories alive

"It’s got such deep, rich flavor that has set the standard by which all other minestrone is judged..( and there aren’t any that come close – in fact I don’t even try anymore)."

--Kimber, Roseberg, OR

Deep, Rich Flavor

"For anyone who has not tasted Joe's Soup you have missed out on a slice of life, it is that good."

-- Wayne, North Bend, OR

If you haven’t had Joe’s Soup