img_6451After Benetti’s Italian Restaurant served its last meal in 2017, Joe was overcome by the outpouring of the community.  Benetti’s Italian Restaurant had become a tradition to those who loved it.  Anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, and general gatherings were part of so many traditions.  From the beginning at Benetti’s, minestrone soup was served with every entree.  It wasn’t just any minestrone soup.  It was Joe’s Nonni’s recipe and was not only nostalgic to Joe, but the community. When the restaurant closed, there were countless requests to continue making the soup and to release the recipe.  Joe decided to continue making the Famous Minestrone Soup available for those that have enjoyed loved it year after year.  It’s a way to keep the memories and sentiments of Benetti’s Italian Restaurant alive in us all.

With excitement around the soup, additional favorites were requested by the community that loved Benetti’s Italian Restaurant so much.  Joe has expanded Benetti’s Fine Foods to include house-made creamy garlic salad dressing, Italian salad dressing, cannelloni, calzone, pasta sauce and lasagna.